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Occutech Spirometry Training

Persons performing function testing need to be competent.

Lung function testing (Spirometry) has been performed for many years in man industries. It was compulsory for industries using raw cotton since 1990. Legislation requiring lung function testing requires either the Occupational hygienist to prescribe it based on an assessment or the Occupational Health Practitioner to prescribe testing.

spirometer spirometry lung function testing training

Lung function testing spirometer

To perform lung function testing a spirometer is used. The use of this instrument requires a trained person. Spirometry training in South Africa has been available since the 1990’s. In 2015 a Unit Standard (252125) was promulgated.

Occutech’s training meets and exceeds the unit standard. All trainees are required to be able to perform the spirometry examination and also be able to interpret the Spirograph. All trainees are also required to submit a portfolio of evidence to determine competency.


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